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Special Thank You!

We are truly grateful to those special people and places who help this Expo become an amazing reality. This is absolutely a team effort.  Without those who collaborate, partner, and rally with us... this would not be the wonderful experience it has been and will continue to be going forward!

Central Community Center and Tim Donahue

Many thanks to St Louis Park Community Center for hosting our event! Plus, all of our needs were met prior to and the day of the event by Tim Donahue which made the setup and take down feel almost magical! The venue was bright and had easy access within the building and from the parking lot. The art work on the walls from the school kids made the atmosphere even more perfect for our event!

Mandy Pardo Photography

Thank you to Mandy Pardo, who not only helped us navigate our photo shoot for the main page but also photographed the Expo and all of the lovely vendors! Mandy makes a photo shoot easy for even the least photo savvy folks like us!

We are so thankful for the amazing music provided from this fantastic duo! We received so many compliments on how the atmosphere was at a higher vibration because of the music. Thank you for sharing your talents, we look forward to having you join us again!

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